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How do I measure for my New Halyard ?


The measurements required are the 'A' and 'B' measurements shown in the picture.

If you do not have your old halyard to measure, the 'A' measurement is the length from the shackle at the top of the fully hoisted sail, into and then down the mast and back to half way along your make off point i.e toothrack or highfield lever.

How to measure up for Standing rigging


The standing rigging is different on a lot of the boats as over the years owners have changed things like bottle screws to vernier adjusters or changed deck fittings. If you have the old rigging just measure them from outer most end to outer most end.
If you have no rigging to measure then you will have to rig the boat with 2 or 3mm line using all the fittings you will use when rigged ie bottle screws or vernier adjusters making sure both side shrouds are the same length and not forgetting to fit spreaders, 
then its best to tip the boat on its side (on grass is best) and then measure that way
If the two sides differ slightly just split the difference  by taking the longest wire and by taking half of the extra length and adding it to the shortest length to even it out.

The measurement we need.

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